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Terminals for Food Industry

  • Stabilities and performance are key factors throughout the hole value chain in every food processing factory. M-Comp can help factories in archiving these key factors with a hardware system that have been undergoing thorough tests in order to meet demands and requirements when working in harsh environments. M-Comps food terminals are suitable for tasks such as data collection, product management, surveillance, expedition, etc. All tasks are handled with powerful hardware: Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM and 64GB Solid state disk. The terminals are IP65 dust and water proof, and are made of high quality AISI 316 stainless steel, which means they can be used in very tough environment. They also have a strong foil in front of the screen glass to ensure, that there is no scatter glass, if the screen is broken. 

  • The M-Comp food terminals are developed to have minimum of downtown which means that each components in the terminals are easily replaced onsite.

  • It is possible to wall/pillar mount the units using tilting brackets, with either one or two axes tilt (sold separately)

M-COMP FT150 & FT171

Format 4:3

Resolution 1024 x 768

M-COMP FT171 17,3" TFT-LCD

Format 16:9

Resolution 1920 x 1080


Format 16:09

Resolution 1920x1080


Format 16:09

Resolution 1920x1080


Terminals for Food Industry

Contact Lars Nordberg on Phone +45 9669 5000 or send him an and hear more about your options within Terminals for Food Industry.

Thomas Page from Danish Crown says:

"In 2014 we changed our traditional 4:3 15” food terminal to a 17” in 16:9. M-Comp was in this project chosen as supplier of the new food terminals.

M-Comp has been the right choice of supplier for us as we were given influence on choice of technology and price has also been an important parameter for us. M-Comp has guided and played along through out the hole process with the right choices of components making the food terminals live up to our strict requirements for products placed in our harsh environment.

The food terminals are available in 3 versions and are used in all kinds of tasks ranging from order management, surveillance, SCADA to operation panel etc.

The development of M-Comp through the years has made them become a competent and good partner to work together with."


Danish Crown, Factory Solutions – Senior Director Thomas Page.

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